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Dear Friends,

"Lynchburg Desi"

This is our new community made for people in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA for several purposes

First of all we need a medium wherein we must all be able to connect
Second is to help each others
Third is to share our views/knowledge/talents
Fourth is to have get-togather, celebrate festivals and other occassions and so on

Besides above important reasons we can keep saying others necessities also
Hence, keeping in all the above in mind, we have made our new community and site for that community

Hence, pls. find sometime to see into our new community and requesting you to join our community

And need all your support to make our community more purposeful and to serve better to us

Steps to join:
1. Open this web site
2. Click on sign-up found at the top right corner
3. It will ask for User Name, Mail id, Password
4. It will send a confirmation link to our mail
5. Click on the link

Here ends the process of joining

Please mail to, if you may have any problem (sorry for the inconvenience)

Please let our other friends also know about our site

Thank you so much...

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Dhorababu Venugopal

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

It is a Great Joy to celebrate our Great Independence Day. We as human-being need to take oath on several things like showing humanity, brother/sister-hood quality towards each other, being gratitude, understanding/respecting others, being honest, truthful, remembering our great freedom fighters, their families and their great sacrifice etc.

Vande Mataram....

Thank you,

Celebration Of Independence Day In India - 15 August 2014

by Dhorababu Venugopal

Dhorababu Venugopal

Dear Taj,

Most welcome to our community

Nice seeing you joined our community

Thank you so much for join our community

Have You All Great Day Ahead...

Thank you,

by Dhorababu Venugopal


Hi all, I am currently in Lynchburg VA. looking for an accommodation for single person. Let me know if you have a room available. you can send an email to or call me on 312 927 7548.
Thanks, -Taj.

by Taj

Dhorababu Venugopal

Happy Friendship Day.....My Dear All Friends....Have You All Wonderful Day Ahead...

by Dhorababu Venugopal

Arthur Jacob Vullamparthi

Here's a great opportunity for those that would want to connect and work with other Desis and other internationals For More details see the following Facebook event invite:

by Arthur Jacob Vullamparthi

Dhorababu Venugopal

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

Let us welcome our new friend Pearls Immanuel,

Dear Pearls Immanuel,

Most welcome to our community

Nice seeing you joined our community

Share all your thoughts / views that are good to our community/society.

Thank you so much for joining our community

Have Wonderful Day Ahead...

Thank you,

by Dhorababu Venugopal